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  • Original Paintings

    Serious Art Collector? Then this is where you want to click. This is the Crème De La Crème. My original works of art. My soul lives in here. My pride, my joy, my labours of love, the reason I get up in the morning...

  • Vintage Plates

    A selection of hilarious, hand-painted, often NSFW, vintage plates. I picked these out myself and each phrase is selected with great care and painstakingly painted by hand. A ridiculous amount of work to be honest. Your Gran would be proud.

  • NFT's

    It's the future of art. I've done some dope collabs with some great artists. Most are sold out but you never know what you might find on the secondary market. Clicking this will take you to another website ( where my collection of NFT's can be viewed and purchased on the ETH blockchain.

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